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Business Consulting

Primarily offered for developers, builders and building industries, including consulting on the legal rules applicable to real estate and legal advice on the following matters:

  • General legal advice.
  • Legal counsel and advice in decision-making in the business of development, construction and real estate activities.
  • Specialized branches of administrative, civil, commercial, tax, criminal, building and planning law legal advice.
  • Drafting of contracts and minutes for notarial deeds.
  • Study and analysis of contracts and documents, advice and drafting of alternative proposals.
  • Coordination and assistance in the acts of signing contracts and deeds.
  • Managing debt collection in-court.
  • All other actions of legal advice.

Excluding the following actions:

  • Arbitration, administrative and judicial proceedings in all jurisdictions.
  • The formulation or collaboration in developing planning documents and urban management.
  • Contract negotiations.
  • Other actions that are not included in the services described.

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